Casting Call!!! Submissions now closed!!!

Please read entire page thoroughly. Questions that are easily answered by reading will not receive a response.

Please read entire page thoroughly. Questions that are easily answered by reading will not receive a response.

Production Title: The Smith Firm

  • Genre: Crime Drama/ Comedy

  • Union/ Non-Union: Non-Union

  • Production Type: Independent Super Micro-Budget Feature Film

  • Project Length: Approx. 90 minutes

  • Production Company: Misguided Perceptions Media Group

  • Company Website:

  • Audition Location: Information will be emailed upon submission below.

  • Email:

  • Shooting Location: 1. Jackson, Tn (primary) 2. Memphis, Tn (secondary)

  • Compensation: Yes

  • Shooting Dates: November/ December 2019 (exact dates pending.)

Short Synopsis:

An ex-cop starts his own private investigation firm. After being underwhelmed by corporate assignments, a client approaches him with a complex situation.


  • (lead role/ Female/ any ethnicity/ age: 35+)

Angela is married to Ronald. She is reserved but deliberate .


  • (supporting role/ Male/ any ethnicity/ age: 35+)

Ronald is a prosecutor. He’s a calm and patient man with a sneaky wit about him.


  • (supporting role/ Male/ Black/ age: 25-40)

Hard nosed street guy. He trusts no one and it shows.


  • ( principal role/ Female/ any ethnicity/ age: 35+)

Jackie is stuck in her ways and stubborn. Hard exterior but she has a heart of gold.


  • (principal role/ Female/ any ethnicity/ age:20-35)

Neveah is attractive and full of charm.


  • (principal role/ Female/ any ethnicity/ age:20-35)

Neveah is full of energy and charm. She is one of the occupants of a secret cathouse.


  • (principal role/ Male/ Any Ethnicity/ 40+)

    Chalky is the owner of a local blues restaurant. He’s always smiling and a people person.


  • ( principal role/ Male/Black/ age:20-30)

Dre is a street hustler with a soft heart.


  • ( bit role/ Male/ any ethnicity/ ages 20-30) (working name)

Tez is Dre’s best friend. Quiet and reserved.

Lady #3

  • (bit role/ Female/ any ethnicity/ age: 20-30)

Lady #3 finds herself in a terrifying situation by being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Sexy lady

  • ( featured extra/ female/ any ethnicity/ age: 18-40)

Sexy lady is an attractive female who lives in a cathouse. ***Several needed.


  • Submit using the form below! If you have headshots &/or reels you would like to attach, email us directly at Headshots and reels are not necessary to submit but impressionable. If you do not have a headshot available, please provide a link to your facebook or instagram account in your submission so that our team can find a recent picture.

  • Submit with the subject listed as “TSF cast submission” by 11:59pm August 16, 2019. Please include the role (s) you wish to audition for in the message along with a short explanation why you would be an awesome choice for the role. You will be contacted via email before or after the deadline with further instructions regarding audition information so please occasionally check your email or spam folder.

  • Applicants are required to have a dependable form of transportation if cast. Due to the budget of this production, applicants living near West, Tennessee are preferred. *Airfare is not provided. Fuel expenses will be provided for cast living outside the county of scheduled shoot location. Any other issues will be discussed upon role offer.

  • Any person looking to intern as a production assistant or other crew member for this production, please submit below or email us at the listed email address.

For further information email us directly at Thanks for your interest in this project!

  • We are looking for a classic vehicle as well as locations in the West Tennessee area for our movie. Please use the form above to message our team with further information and please leave a name and phone contact number.

  • We are looking for numerous homes as well as office space for our movie. No stunts will be performed on property and all property will be handled with care. Owners do not have to leave property and are welcomed to watch and help behind the scenes if they wish.

  • Exclusive perks like film merchandise, your name in the credits of the movie and free tickets to the premiere of the movie are available to property owners willing to donate temporary use. Please don’t hesitate to message us with questions or concerns.