Jaron Lockridge   Director/Cinematographer/Editor

Jaron Lockridge Director/Cinematographer/Editor

In 2001 at age 15 , Jaron Lockridge became interested in film while attending a high school drama class in his hometown of Bolivar, Tennessee. After performing in the school's Christmas play that winter, Jaron decided to write his first stageplay which is still currently being performed at his high school by theater students. In 2009, Jaron wrote, filmed and directed his first short film titled "Hard Man County" which was approximately 40 minutes long. The cast consisted of friends with no experience and was filmed using a Canon GL-1 he purchased from a pawn shop. Jaron had to place his dreams of pursuing film temporarily on hold due to personal issues, but his obsession with movies continued. In 2015, Jaron began production on a featurette "Betray" and quickly casted the film with local talent. With a mere $1000 budget, Jaron rented camera equipment, bought props and rented a location to get his plan in motion. With only a 4 day window, Betray was completed and Jaron saw his dream of filmmaking move forward. A self proclaimed "Guerilla Filmmaker", Jaron considers making quality films with minimal resources his specialty.

Larry Triplett    Actor/Producer

Larry Triplett Actor/Producer

Larry Triplett was born and raised in Jackson, Tn about 75 north east of Memphis. Growing up Larry decided he wanted to be a drummer at the age of 11 years old and has been playing ever since. It was during his sophomore year of high school the urge to act hit him. He signed for the theaters arts class and participated in several different production through out high school. After graduating high school, Larry decided to attend Jackson State Community College where he auditioned to join the school's music ensemble. He made it and received a full scholarship. Larry got into film acting in 2011, where he participated in some local indie projects and film classes and workshops. Some of the workshops and classes were taught by the likes of Karen Carlson, Walt Wiley, and Mark Staton. Larry also had some featured extra work in two episodes of the ABC show "Nashville" as a football player. He was also featured as a soldier in indie rocker Jasmine Cain's video "Fade." He’s also been in several projects under Misguided Perceptions Media Group, as well as being on board as a producer.